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AN EXHILARATING READ and a spiritual stimulus for your walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The book uses two resources, imagination and biblical data. Each chapter contains both a narrative and a nurturing component. It's a delight to take steps with this author into conversations with each of the eleven disciples who remained true to Jesus. When you hear these ancient men speak about Jesus you will esteem him who turned ordinary common folk into disciples. As you engage with the lessons that scripture speaks from the disciples' lives, you will gain appreciation for what the LORD can do with people like yourself. So download 'The Eleven' now and have fun learning about the disciples using an embellished imagination and a reliable examination of relevant scripture. You are going to better understand what God is currently doing in your life and you will want to yield to his gentle work.

And Look at the Books tab and scroll to Ron's newest book called WHY? The Riddle of the Human Experience

Rating average for Crandall's Door 4.5 out of 5.

"Great story... even mature folks are spell bound. A great tale where myth and reality blend seamlesly. It captivates and intrigues till the end of this wonderful story."



"Crandall's door. Couldn't wait to finish the book, so intriguing and adventuresome. Loved it and here's hoping for more stories like this."


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