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Ron writes material that ranges from non fiction faith content to novel to poetry.  It represents his experience, education and interest. Presently you will find two devotional commentaries, one novel for YA children, and one  narrative bio of apostles. Other projects are at various stages of development with a promise that 2 or 3 more titles will appear in 2016.

Crandall's Door (The Sorenson Series - Book #1)  a YA thriller

ISBN-13: 978-0993934216


ENCHANTED DOORS are commonplace in fictional literature but this one is real. Michael and Allison Sorenson know that first hand because they experience it. This is more than a magic door story. This is a story of survival and of revelation. Michael and Allison manage to stay alive. Concerned that the lumber industry may be impacting the Spotted Owl population, wildlife biologist Rod Sorenson moved his family to Forks, Washington, a lumbering town. His wife Linda is a stay-at-home mom and novelist. Children Michael (14) and Allison (12), become seriously ill shortly after moving into the home that their parents purchased. The previous home owner Dielbert Crandall, lost his wife to cancer and lost hope and disappeared but not before building a large mahogany door on which he carved an ominous image. During their life threatening illness, the unconscious children battle for life and they also learn a clue, which upon their recovery from the dream state, eventuates in the real life discover of the missing man, Crandall. This is the first volume in the Sorenson Series.

God in the Open



COLOSSIANS IS A FAVOURITE New Testament letter and was foundational to early Christian theology. The ascribed author, Apostle Paul, proclaims Christ's supremacy over the entire created universe and the author also insists that believers lead godly lives. Ron has written this book as a devotional commentary so that it may be useful to both students and teachers of the Bible. It serves a two-fold objective, to provide information that will vitalize the individual follower of Christ who is reading for the purpose of personal growth. It also provides exegetical material to anyone fashioning a lesson or a sermon. 
There is a creative interplay of factual information and the author's interpretation and application of the text. The book examines the theological content of the larger Pauline themes by reviewing original socio-cultural and historical contexts. A narrative style develops the first century setting of Paul’s letters to Colossians and then Philemon as well, and with illustrations that reflect our times and issues Ron Unruh confirms the relevance of the teachings for us in our day. 



AN EXHILARATING READ and a spiritual stimulus for your walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The book uses two resources, imagination and biblical data. Each chapter contains both a narrative and a nurturing component. It's a delight to take steps with this author into conversations with each of the eleven disciples who remained true to Jesus. When you hear these ancient men speak about Jesus you will esteem him who turned ordinary common folk into disciples. As you engage with the lessons that scripture speaks from the disciples' lives, you will gain appreciation for what the LORD can do with people like yourself. As you read 'The Eleven' you will have fun learning about the disciples using an embellished imagination and a reliable examination of relevant scripture. You are going to better understand what God is currently doing in your life and you will want to yield to his gentle work.

Why? The Riddle of the Human Experience

ISBN 978-0-9939342-3-0 eBook

ISBN 978-0-9939342-7-8 Paperback

This latest Ron Unruh book is available now as paperback and eBook.

ECCLESIASTES COMES ACROSS AS THE STRANGEST BOOK IN THE BIBLE. Some of the initial sentiments expressed in Ecclesiastes generate an early impression that the book doesn't belong in the Bible. The author has been accused of skepticism, fatalism, and pessimism. That's not an accurate review. It's a misunderstanding but it explains why the book is sometimes deliberately neglected. Ecclesiastes is actually a series of lectures that speak about life, reality, and values for wise and effective living. The author knows that humanity sometimes wonders what life on earth is for. What's it all about? What is the point? Are there spiritual answers that transcend the material world? When life delivers setbacks and heartaches and evil, people experience disillusionment if not deep depression. This author sounds like a man who is tired of life until he does a thorough assessment of life and lets us know that a relationship gives meaning and makes sense of this bewildering experience.

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