My latest and fourth book is entitled ‘WHY? The Riddle of the Human Experience’ and it was released to AMAZON, Kindle and Kobo in mid-June 2016 as both an eBook and a Paperback. I have mentioned this anticipated book in other places before. Although an earlier draft (pictured in the previous post) had a colourful cover, it has been given a new face, a new cover design. Quality finish requires high def graphics and my earlier version didn’t cut it. The book will sport this one upon its release. It’s all good and a great deal of fun for me, that is, satisfying to me. Few Indy writers are making money as in tons of it. Most like myself feel compelled to use gifts and experience to get a message out and available to as many people as we can. If people show interest, and find benefit from reading my work, then I feel rewarded. Without this avenue of publication, so many of us, no matter how skilled we may be with words and concepts would never succeed to make the books available to the public. It’s a stunning opp of our times.

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