Time Flies - Space Travel

It’s almost 2 months since I last blogged here and even in August I was decrying the fact that my writing had been displaced in lieu of my visual art. Well, things have not changed. I am busily completing some portraits. I can’t regret it. It’s all good. Besides, the winter months are closing in and that will mean a lot of indoor hours closeted away to write. As it is I have so many writing projects in process and in the dream stages, as well as several blogs for various purposes that I seek to maintain. What more could I ask for retirement years than fulfilling activities like this. My ‘GPS' blog has for six years served as an advocacy voice championing the rights of parents to recover their children seized by child protection for one reason or another. I have generally expressed my sympathy for them when I am reasonably sure that an injustice has been perpetrated. I also have a personal 'Retirement Memoirs' blog where I just share my life and family history and stories. Then I have a blog called No,Maybe,Yes,'' dedicated to discussions about spirituality (Christian variety) where I challenge or goad or censure various attitudes or beliefs. Similarly, I maintain my Ron Unruh Art blog and my art website called Ron Unruh Gallery. Hmmmm “space travel,” I wonder whether I can do something with that in a new novel. It’s probably been overdone. Maybe not. Hmmm.

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