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I have done it to myself. I love to paint and I love to write. I don’t know what to do next. I set my painting aside for the past six months, four of which were consumed with the completion and publication of four books. I desperately want to paint because that is therapeutic and serene. But I have so many ideas for writing which keep me alive and well. I have four blog sites, and three Facebook pages for different purposes, and six book projects in elementary stages of development. The sequel novel to ‘Crandall’s Door’ with the same principal characters is ‘She Said “Checkmate,”’ and has begun. An adult novel ‘Kill The PM’ is in a formative stage. A book of poetry called ‘Vintage of My Years,’ requires collation and layout. ‘You, Me, God and Church,’ is done but requires significant refinement to express carefully the elevation of my thoughts about discipleship (a kind of theology of discipleship). Another devotional read may be a book called, ’Transformed - To be like Jesus.’ A playful little children’s read “Bagiki” will contain a selection of short illustrated stories. The latter one was begun years ago with three brief stories I wrote for my grandchildren in 2009. The photo shows them at Christmas that year, when I gave them story copies and T-shirts.

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