Back Story up front: This poem reflects the experience of a man whom I have only known since he met and married for the second time. This thanksgiving he is thankful.


“I can’t say that, not any more, not after this.”

“Can’t say what?” the inquirer probed, “What can’t you say?”

“I thought I’d live life and say, ‘thank you for my life.’

Started well, it all fit, happiness all around,

Then at some point it all went south and pain began,

The seamless life, my perfect life came to an end.

I know you’ll say, ‘there are fixes’ – Not any more.

Can’t fix it all alone when we both are broken.”

The inquirer gazed, thinking as the other spoke,

“I never thought my own life would turn out this way.

Living hurts so very much, I just want to die.

Sure I know I have friends and some special people.

But they have their own lives and I’m now a burden.

Exceptional loves happen rarely to people.

I didn’t realize how fortunate I was,

I took that love for granted, should have nurtured love.

The inquirer turned envoy and gave sage advice.

“I want you to hear me, your life is not over

You already told me two people are broken.”

Yes two, plus the many who care about marriage,

Want you both to fall in love all over again.”

“You just don’t get it,” the unsettled one answered.

“I’m needing to die and she’s desiring to live,

She has no intention of returning to me.”

Once more the inquirer spoke sensibly to him,

“You both were created by the giver of life.

You both pledged allegiance to him for your lifetimes.

You are accountable to Him and must give account,

How each one of you deals with life’s disappointments.

I task you, tell God you will live your life fully

To dignify His call for you to be holy.

God loves you, in fact has promised you abundant life.”

The marriage ended and they went separate ways.

She started a new life and he managed his own.

From then until now many years have come and gone.

Home locations changed, children grew, new dreams emerged.

He met a lady who had also been damaged,

They cautiously dated, finding so much in common

Love matured, they married and they’re very happy.

This thanksgiving he told God, “Thank you for my life.”

© Ron Unruh, October 2020

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